Multi-User Instructions

How to:

Please follow the steps below to enable the feature

  • Log into the Zyla portal and click on the profile icon on the top right-hand corner
    • Then go to ‘My team’

    • After, click on ‘Invite new user’

  • Please input the following information for new user
    • Name of the user
    • Email (this will be used as their login email)
    • Role (multiple roles can be assigned once created)
    • Mark the box for the agreement and click ‘Send invitation’ to continue

  • Enter the six-digit code associated with the email and click ‘Confirm’

  • The invite will be sent to the email address entered
    • The link will expire in 7 days, please be sure to check your Spam/Junk folder if you haven’t received it

Invited user’s steps

  • Please click on ‘Get Started’
    • Enter your desired password for your account

    • Once you have entered your password, hit ‘Confirm’

    • Please wait for the page to load the typical Zyla login screen, then use the previously created credentials to log in
  • Once you log in, you will be prompted to enter your personal information for review
    • Fill in basic KYC info:
    • Nationality/Region
    • Select the type of ID
    • Photo of the ID
    • Name
    • ID number
    • Date of birth
    • ID Expiration Date
    • Residential address
    • Phone number for login OTP

  • Please make sure to double-check that you have entered the information correctly. Once complete, please hit submit and wait for approval.

    • Once approved, the sub-operator will receive email confirmation


  • In the People section, you can view all the invited users
    • It will also show the roles that have been applied to the user, as well as their active status as a team member
    • Under the Actions category, you can click ‘Details’ to edit their name or roles
    • In the column next to Actions, you can click on the three dots to either delete or disable a user


  • In the Roles category, you can view the default roles created and any customized ones
    • You can click on the ‘Create a new role’ on the right-hand side to create a custom role
    • The ‘Details’ button under the Actions category to show what permissions the role contains
    • The Related users will show how many team members have that certain role applied

  • To create a new role, fill out the relevant information and hit ‘Submit’

Approval Rules

  • In the Approval rules section, you can set rules for which roles need approval for certain higher- level actions
    • For example: you can set a rule that a withdrawal of over $0.01 needs approval to create an easy system for managing your team members on your Zyla Account
  • In the Actions category, you can use the ‘Edit’ button to change the approval rule
    • The ‘Delete’ button will remove the approval rule