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Payment accounts without borders

Whether you sell online, via marketplaces or buy from overseas suppliers, we make international business payments easy.

Pay like a local in multiple currencies without the need for an overseas business entity.

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The one-stop account for international trading

The Zyla Account is designed for cross-border businesses trading in multiple currencies – whether you import, export or sell via a marketplace. It's the hassle-free way to pay and get paid quickly and easily using a single platform. Because our local currency accounts are fast and free to set up, you could start doing business in the world’s most popular currencies in minutes.

  • Open local accounts

    Set up multi-currency accounts with local account numbers, simplifying international business payments

  • Pay quickly and safely

    Securely transfer funds at speed, whether you’re buying products from overseas or organizing shipping

  • Connect to 100+ marketplaces

    Get paid from marketplaces around the world to keep your products and payments moving

  • Simple and free set-up

    Open a Zyla Account online for free and you could be approved, set up and trading internationally in 24 hours

How business payments should be. Fast, simple and secure.

Keep costs down with competitive rates

Benefit from low FX margins and competitive transfer fees for domestic and international payments – plus there's no subscription charge.

Pay and collect in top currencies with ease

Open local currency accounts in minutes and trade in EUR, CNH, GBP, JPY and more – all without an overseas business entity.

Grow with marketplace connectivity

Link your Zyla Account to global online marketplaces where you sell to simplify your cross-border collections.

Time-saving mass payments

Make up to 200 domestic or international payments in a single transaction to streamline paying suppliers and partners in the US and overseas.

Cross-border payments for all business types


When it comes to cross-border trade, we believe in supporting enterprises on their journey to success.

Seamless API integration for mass payouts, low fees and competitive rates across multiple currencies help keep costs down and business moving.

Small businesses

If you sell on marketplaces, trade globally or make overseas payments, you’ll know the importance of speed and security.

Access secure multi-currency accounts and fast international payments to help grow your business.

Registered sole proprietors

Running a business can be a balancing act, so we’ve made the finance part simple and hassle free.

Make and receive payments – domestic and international – and sell across multiple marketplaces all from a single platform.

Zyla’s got you covered

The free-to-open Zyla Account enables businesses to make international payments like a local – giving you the freedom to do business anywhere with the security of our online platform. Business funds are held with our trusted banking partners that are FDIC members.

  • Pay and collect in multiple currencies from a single platform
  • Make fast and secure international payments online 24/7
  • Save with competitive rates and low fees on FX, international and local payments
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