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Our online payment platform is designed to help US businesses make and receive global payments like a local.

Offered by Alipay US - a member of Ant Group - Zyla is on a mission to help businesses reach hundreds of thousands of suppliers globally with secure, fast payments across the world’s most popular currencies.

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We simplify the way you pay and get paid

Whether you’re just starting out or are a growing enterprise, we believe that doing international business should be as simple as when you're on home soil.

So we put our technology and market experience to work to bring multiple currencies closer to your business.

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We want to make it easier for businesses to broaden their horizons, master new marketplaces and expand their supplier network – all from a single platform.

With our free-to-open Zyla Account, you can be set up to make and receive international payments in 24 hours.

It’s your world, made easier

From buying electronics in Shanghai to selling machinery in Mexico City, we provide the reliability, reach and experience that you want, without the complexity.

The Zyla Account is the one account that fundamentally changes the way you do business with the world.

Zyla’s got you covered

The free-to-open Zyla Account enables businesses to make international payments like a local – giving you the freedom to do business anywhere with the security of our online platform. Business funds are held with our trusted banking partners that are FDIC members.

  • Pay and collect in multiple currencies from a single platform
  • Make fast and secure international payments online 24/7
  • Save with competitive rates and low fees on FX, international and local payments
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