Help with statements

What information can I view on my statements page?
On the 'Statements' page, you can view all statements covering payments made from your account.
Can I download statements for all of my transactions?
Yes, you can download statements for one or multiple currencies in the following formats:

  • PDF
  • XLS
  • CSV
Where can I see the balance for all of my receiving accounts?
You can view the account balance for each of your open accounts on your homepage dashboard.
Can I view details for a particular transaction?
  • Yes, click on 'View details' on the 'Statements' page to see individual transaction information.
  • You can also view a PDF copy of your transactions.
Why are some of my transactions displaying on the homepage of my Zyla portal?
Your portal dashboard shows your most recent transactions. Selecting 'View all activities' will take you directly to the 'Statements' page.
Can I search for payees I’ve previously paid?
Absolutely, you can filter your payee search using a previous payee's details.
Can I download a Zyla statement in PDF format?
Yes, it’s easy - simply download PDF statements for a single currency or multiple currencies in one document.

(a) Select a 'single currency' and download the PDF. If you choose to download a statement with a single currency, it will include account details and appear on the PDF statement

(b) If you select 'multiple currencies' and download the PDF, you won't see your account details on the PDF statement as this will differ for each receiving account

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