Sending Payments

In which currencies can I make outgoing payments?
We currently support the following 10 currencies for funds in and funds out: GBP, USD, EUR, AUD, JPY, NZD, SGD, HKD, CNH, CAD.
How many payments can I make at the same time?
  • You can easily set up and send up to 25 payments at the same time.
  • If you need to make more than 25 payments in one go, please make a bulk upload using a CSV file.
  • API connection is also available to you (contact the team to get started)
How long will my payment take?
The speed of your payment depends on factors including the currency you're sending money in, the payee's bank and country, as well as the size of the transaction. The following currency/country combinations are normally received on the same day:

  • EUR to Europe
  • GBP to UK
  • USD to US
  • SGD to SG
  • HKD/USD to HK
  • AUD to AU
  • NZD to NZ

For any currency/country combinations outside of the above list, please allow an additional 1-3 working days. In some cases, a payee’s bank may take an additional working day to credit their account.
What payee details do I need in order to send money?
When adding a payee, you'll be prompted to add the additional details. For example:

  • All regions - account holder name
  • Europe - IBAN and SWIFT
  • Canada - Account number, SWIFT and transit code
  • Australia - Account number, SWIFT or BSB code
  • New Zealand - Account number, 6-digit bank code and SWIFT
  • USA - Account number or SWIFT
  • UK - Account number and sort code or SWIFT and IBAN
  • China - Account number, SWIFT
  • Singapore - Account number and SWIFT
  • Japan - Account number and SWIFT
How will my payment appear in my payee’s account?
We’re making the payment on your behalf, so this means the money will arrive in your payee's account showing one of the below:

  • your business entity name
  • the business owner's name (if the business is an unregistered sole proprietorship)
  • Alipay US, Inc
  • One of Alipay US, Inc.’s payment partners’ names
What if my payee details are incorrect?
(a) If you've provided an incorrect account number, name, address, or payment reference before the payment is processed by Zyla, please edit or create the beneficiary information in the portal.

(b) If the payment has been processed by Zyla, we may be able to issue an amendment request to the payee's bank, although in some instances we may have to wait for the money to return in order to re-process the payment.

Please note: if a payment has been made to the wrong bank (e.g. if your payee has provided the wrong SWIFT, BIC or sort code), our only options are to wait for a return of the money or to recall the payment from the incorrect destination. The success of the return is not guaranteed.
How can I see the status of my payment?
You can check status updates in the ‘Statements’ tab. We also provide you with email updates on the status of your payment (e.g. successfully completed, returned, processing, etc).

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